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Forest & NPV Clearance

Forest Clearance
Application Detail
Application No. NIL Date 07 Jun 2011 Area 0.000
Forest Land Details
Reserve (HA) 0.000 Village (HA) 0.000 KHESHRA (HA) 0.000
DLC (HA) 0.000 Protected (HA) 0.000 Jhati Jangal(HA) 0.012
Other (HA) 0.000
Non-Forest Land Details
Private (HA) 50.247 Govt.. (HA) 0.607    
Stage 1 Clearance Letter No. 2629  Date 17 Dec 2011 View File View File
Stage 2 Clearance Letter No. 346  Date 22 Feb 2013 View File View File
Valid Upto. 17 Apr 2040 

NPV Paid

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NPV Arrear

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NPV Refund

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