JIMMS Solution Architecture


The purpose of JHARKHAND INTEGRATED MINES AND MINERAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (JIMMS) solution is to enable the Department of Mines & Geology officials to regulate the mining activities through electronic mode. In past, each and every activity were managed and processed manuallyat the Directorate and field offices. Hence there were delays in processing of applications which sometimes gets processed in multiple offices. With high demand from Industry’s and lack of resources at the Government, there was high chance of mistakes.

Due to the reason, Department of Mines & Geology initiated Program to regulate the monitoring mechanism through ICT intervention. It was proposed to start on a Phase wise pilot and scale it up rapidly.


There are many critical business processes involved in various level of activities related to mineral production and consumption by the consumers. To ensure end to end mapping of mining regulatory and monitoring process, field visits and interviews of variety of stakeholders was done. The difficulties faced day-to-day by the Government were mapped.

  • Monitoring Statutory Compliance of mines as well as licensee towards the mining operation and mineral dispatch
  • Monitoring day-to-day mineral production and cumulative production against approved qty. in mining plan, environment clearance and JSPCB clearances.
  • Monitoring total permissible dispatch quantity for domestic Sale, export, consumption inside and outside state.
  • Monitoring Govt. & Mines Weigh Bridge Activity towards checking.
  • Checking of Actual dispatched Quantity through Check Gates
  • Verification of Original Transit Challans, which is sometimes tampered to do illegal transportation
  • Difficult to track Monthly, Quarterly and Annual returns
  • Difficult to find the actual mineral stock at the Pit head and Screening or Crusher Plant site.

To address the above difficulties, it was decided to develop on aStandard Framework, open ended, modular, extendible, portable, scalable, maintainable, and reusable with e-Governance standard compliance.

The mines and dealers points are spread over the entire state, considering the wide geographical scope and operational complexity, scope of the project was to Customize, Develop, Test, Deploy, Operate and Maintain the proposed Web based "Jharkhand Integrated Mines & Mineral Management System (JIMMS)".

The following outlines the broad areas of scope of work for the System Integrator. As a broad scope the SI will perform the following primary tasks.

  • System Study, Design, Development & Implementation of all functionalities for State Specific Software Application Modules
  • Application Integration with other departments & neighboring State of Odisha
  • Application Software deployed at State Data Centre of Jharkhand
  • Training, Capacity Building & Change Management required for the project, covering Department of Mines & Geology and all the stake holders involved in JIMMS Project
  • Operation & Maintenance of the Overall System Solution for 2 years after the UAT/Go live
  • Establishment of IT Project Management Unit (IT-PMU) at the State Level, Project implementation Unit (PIU) at District level & Helpdesk Management at the State Level for 2 years after the UAT/Go live
  • Security Audit, Functional and load test of the developed application through certified agency

The Solution also needed to developed & innovate to give benefit to all the stakeholders:

  • Sensing, control & making plan for the Mining Activity.
  • Solution to provide a minimum manual intervention for better productivity & business continuity.
  • Solution to increase efficiency for monitoring, transparency and competitiveness.
  • Solution to provide where dependency on network connectivity is minimal data transmission to central server.
  • Solutions to provided for mobile squad, who can cross check the mineral authenticity at any place at any point of time.

There are various modules identified to fulfill the Departments objective for Regulating, monitoring mining activities and making transparency. The module process flow is based on the Jharkhand Mineral Dealer's Rule's 2007 and Mineral Conservation & Dsvelopment Rules, 1988, Govt. of India. The software solutions,

Modules and application integrations are ...
Sl. # Modules Descriptions
1 Stakeholders Database The module is a central repository of concessionaire which includes Concessionaire name, Lease type (PL/ ML), validity of Lease, vigilance cases history, arrears and payments due from the concessionaire and Licensee (mineral trading business units)
2 Dues Clearance Certificate The module is to facilitate to receive online request and have a workflow functionality to generate Dues Clearance Certificate
3 Grant of New / Renewal of Dealer Licensee The module is to facilitate the applicant to submit online request and have workflow system to grant, renewal, modification, suspension, surrender and cancellation of Dealer Licensee
4 Weigh Bridge Approval The module is to receive online request and have workflow functionality for approval of weigh bridges
5 Truck & Transporter Registration The module has the work flow based process for the truck owners to furnish their vehicle particulars on JIMMS portal after registering and the transporter also will register themselves with the mines portal
6 Vehicle Seizure List The module is to facilitate to the circle authority to update the vehicle Seizure and its compounding details.
7 e-Permit The module is to facilitate the mines and licensee to submit online request for transit permit. A workflow system is configured to generate transit permit for transportation of mineral from source to destination
8 e-Transit Challan for Lessee & Delaers (Non-Coal) The module is for generation of Transit Challan (e-Challan) for Lessee & Dealers (Non-Coal). The module also developed to accommodate different scenario as per the infrastructure feasibility at the mines and dealers end.
9 e-Transit Challan for Lessee & Delaers (Coal) The module is for generation of Transit Challan (e-Challan) for Lessee & Dealers (Non-Coal). The module also developed to accommodate different scenario as per the infrastructure feasibility at the mines and dealers end.
10 Reports and Returns (JMDR & Administrative) All report and returns by the Lessee/ Dealers is made online and connected internally with the various transaction modules.
11 Online Returns to Govt. of India The module facilitates to file online returns in the predefined format as specified by IBM, Ministry of Mines.
12 Demand Assessment The module is measured and analyzes the quantity permitted in the Transit Permit and the actual dispatched quantityreceived at the end user. Based on quantity permitted and actual dispatched, demand assessment will evaluated and calculate the Royalty paid or to be paid to the department.
13 SMS Integration The module is integrated with Govt of Jharkhand SMS gateway to send SMS to the applicant about the status of their online request.
14 Online Payment Integration The module is integrated with Directorate of Treasury & Inspection and data shared based upon Web services XML data parsing.


Railway Integration

The module is integrated with Indian Railway (FOIS) and data shared based upon Web services XML data parsing
16 Commercial Tax Integration The module is integrated with Commercial Tax department (VATIS) and data shared based upon Web services XML data parsing.
17 Road Transport Integration The module is integrated with Transport Department (VAHAN) and data shared based upon Web services XML data parsing.
18 Port Integration The module is integrated with PORT Authorities to update the mineral received from Lessee/ Dealers and vessel information.

Solution Overview

The solution enables the stake holders / end users to provide and gather information on real time basis. This facilitates the end user to maintain mining clearance, online application and issue of Mineral Transit Permit, Transit Challans, no dues clearance certificate, registration of mineral carrier and validating from Transport department for issuance of mineral carrier certificate. The consignor can only transport the permitted quantity of Mineral to the destination. After loading, the mineral carrier at source, it will check at the Govt. weigh bridge en route and at the railway siding to the destination point. Various Checks and measures has taken into consideration for smooth operation of Mineral Transport.

This system is capable enough to auto generate various monthly progress reports. The proposed software application have enough capacity to complete the cycle of mineral production and dispatch for all transactions along with facilitate for cancellation of any certificates issued by the authority. The system will re-consolidate the transaction and generate various MIS report, which would help Department of Mines & Geology to take right decision at right time. Also, it helps stakeholders to reconcile their accounts of Mineral Management.

The software solution has various extensive features like premium information service to all Stakeholders covering global and domestic markets with statistics and expert market commentary. All the Stakeholders will be provided with Secured Login ID and Password through which they will update their approval status online. Apart from this, there are various other realtime data/statistics also provided for ease of use and business continuity.

In addition, the statistical information which includes name of the mines, address of mines, District, Block, GP, Village and etc.. All the Stake holders provided with Secured Login ID & Password through which they will apply/update their activities time to time. They will be updating their own required field in Mining Lease (ML)/Renewal of Mining Lease (RML)/Regulatory on time to time basis which will create a complete database of MIS report. The no due clearance certificate will be facilitated for mines/dealers for getting a Clearance Certificate of Mining Dues. This due can be for the Mines or the Dealers. The Mining Dues will be of Royalty, Dead Rent, Surface Rent or any other fines made so far.

The software application will have a major change in the dealer license system. It emphasizes an online issue of Dealer License in the State. The applicant will apply online for dealer license or renewal of delaer license. The dealer is obtained by applying to the District Mining Officer / Assistant Mining Officer with the list of Minerals along with a fee in the form of online payment. The required document will be attached along with the online application. Later it will be verified at different stages and then the dealer license will be issued to the applicant as per the purpose of business mentioned in the application, which can be tracked at the time of issuing transit permit to them.

Transit Permit & transit challan will be issued through online after physical verification and books of account verification at the mines end by the district mining office level. The verification report of mineral raising, stack, stock and Type/grade of mineral status report will be managed in the software. The verification report will be treated as the note sheet of the verification report. At each stage the system will facilitate to view the approval history to the stake holders.

The Mineral Transporter will also be registered in the application and needs to declare the list of mineral carriers they need to engage for transportation. The transporter module will have the capability to capture online request from the applicant and the concerned authority would receive online request and approve through workflow system. After approval, the system would generate Transporter Certificate, which is a downloadable document from their respective login. The module will facilitate to update the vehicle list time-to-time for better management of vehicle owned by the transporters.

The online challan system would have capacity for auto capturing the gross weight of mineral loaded truck at the mines weigh bridge as the Mines Weighbridges are the point of origin for material dispatch. At the time of Loading of materials, system generates online transit pass and the system would check the mineral carrier certificate validity and status of vehicle, that the vehicle is free from any illegal activities. Online challan system should have capacity to use in isolated places where there is no infrastructure and data needs to be synchronizing to the central database because of unavailability of internet. It generates the source data which is very important for generating of e Pass. To enable the Mines weighbridge link to central database it is essential to have proper infrastructure at the Weigh and required manpower. Such infrastructure will be provided by the respective mines owner.

Railway sidings are one of the end points for mineral dispatch. Mines and licensee dispatches their minerals to the end user through Rake( Railway Transportation System). So, to measure the quantity of materials received at railway sidings proper infrastructure are required and the system should check the transit passes and authenticate to allow mineral carrier for loading Rake. Check gates are the places where the carriers with mineral get checked en route. The minerals should be checked at check gates, for which the check gate should check the authenticity of the transit passes from central database and allow carrier to move to the destination. So at the Government Check gate, the proper infrastructure needs to be developed.

The proposed software application architecture is based on open ended system, modular, extendable, portable, scalable, maintainable, and reusable architecture. So in future the department is facilitate with for such provision to incorporate new modules and services which can extend services to the other stake holders for updating/synchronizing statutory clearances for ML/RML or sharing legacy data.

Software Solution Architecture

Project Implementation Methodology

Project Development Process