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Dear Stakeholders, We would like to inform you that the decision regarding the Firewall migration for Jharkhand State Data Center (JHSDC) has been taken by JAP-IT (under the Department of Information Technology and e-Governance, Government of Jharkhand). As part of this migration process, please note that the Jharkhand Integrated Management System (JIMMS) portal and website servers located at the Jharkhand State Data Center (SDC) will be inaccessible from April 13, 2024 (1 am) to April 16, 2024 (8 am). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this period. If you have any urgent matters or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the appropriate channels for assistance. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

It is informed to all the stakeholders that it is mandatory to pay demanded 'RCD Composition User Fee' on vehicles being used for transportation of minerals through the Vehicle Portal. Defaulter vehicles may be blocked, from transportation of minerals, through JIMMS e-challan process.

This is to inform to all the stakeholders that decision for Synchronization of all enrolled mineral carrying vehicles has been mandated from 24/01/2022, with Vahan Portal through the Sync. Button provided in their Login at JIMMS Portal. Post 16/Jan./2023 00:00 all non synchronized vehicles would be debarred from JIMMS e-challans process and they need to get re-enrolled on JIMMS Portal, as new user, to be able to transport minerals through JIMMS eChallan. INCONVENIENCE CAUSED IS DEEPLY REGRETTED

This is to inform to all the stakeholders that decision for Migration of JIMMS portal and Website to new url: and has been taken by the dept. During Migration process JIMMS Portal and Website would be non accessible from 15 April,2022 ,13:00 hrs to 15:30hrs .Subsequently the payment transactions will not be functional for next 24 hrs(Maximum).All are requested for necessary action regarding pending transactions. INCONVENIENCE CAUSED IS DEEPLY REGRETTED

It is here by notified that, with consent of the Department of Mines and Geology, the existing public URL of JIMMS portal and website will be redirected to new URLs. and

Meeting has been scheduled on 26.06.2021 under Chairmanship of Secretary, Dept. of Mines and Geology on 26.06.2021 at 10 am onwards with BCCL, CCL, ECL, Tata Steel, Hindalco and SAIL.

In this time of Jharkhand Lockdown JIMMS Users may contact JIMMS Executives through contact no- 7870583462, 8540987510, 8797691963 for any technical assistance.

As per JIMMS record out of 5462 Coal dealers only 1405 dealers have filed return till 15.02.2021, 12 AM. Please file return positively till 15.02.2021, 12 PM.

JeGRAS is moving to a new IP/Domain Address. Please note that on 17.02.2021 08 IST to 24 IST E-Payment transaction would be inactive. Please do not initiate any E-payment transaction during this period.

All Lease/Dealer holders are requested to submit their Online Return by 10th of every Month.

Please ensure the direction of the official order regarding the collection of Covid-19 pandemic Fund as put in Annexure –I and Annexure-II in Letter Notification and What’s new Section of Home page of JIMMS website (

It is hereby informed that all mail communication related to JIMMS should be done through only . Department of Mines & Geology will treat valid communication through this mail only.

Penalty Module for the user of Works Department has been Lived. Accordingly all the respective Executive Engineers can able to make the Penalty Payment onwards through online mode from their dashboard and respective DMO can also able to view the Payment Status

All Lessee are requested to update your GST number

This is to inform that from dated 18-Apr-2019, all the subcategories mentioned in existing form A, A1 & B would be treated as corresponding Dealer Type only. i.e. if it was mention S1 then it would be treated as STORAGE, if it was mention S4, T2, (C2, M1, B1) then it would be treated as STORAGE, TRADER and PROCESSING respectively.

All Mineral Carrier Vehicles need to be equipped with RFID/ GPS to avoid any future constraints.

E-Permit and Challan are mandatory for all Rail transportation effective from 10th August 2017.

The Royalty payment of works department will be accepted only in Online Mode.


Do you know

  • Objective of JIMMS was have end to end tracking of Mineral Ore using IT tool on the amount Produced , Despatched and Consumed.
  • With JIMMS , all file movements for award of permit, trader license and various certificates, returns will be made online.
  • JIMMS will have transactions with other department / Ministries database, which either operates on push or pull of data.
  • Identification and codification of all stakeholder and also mapping them with IBM code to avoided confusion.
  • Rs.3449.83 crore collected as royalty for FY 2014-15.

Innovations & Testimonials

  • End to end tracking of Mineral Ore from Source till destination(Rail ,Port & Industry Head ).
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